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What a Database and DBMS Are, Database Magazine, 05/05

The Dangerous Illusion, Part 1, DM Review, 06/02
The Dangerous Illusion, Part 2, DM Review, 07/02 
What's Wrong with this Database Picture?, Net Report, (06/02) (Romanian)   

Necessary Attributes, Oracle Informant, 2.4(04/97)
True Data Type Support, Oracle Informant, 1.12(12/96) 
Meaning of Structure, Oracle Informant, 1.11(11/96)  
Key Information Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.9(09/96)    
Key Information Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.8(08/96)
Climbing Trees in SQL Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.7(07/96)   
Climbing Trees in SQL Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.6(06/96)
Not Worth Repeating, Oracle Informant, 1.5(05/96) 
Formalizing the Informal, Oracle Informant, 1.4(04/96)
Redundancy & Performance, Oracle Informant, 1.3(03/96)      
Quota Queries Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.2(02/96)  
Quota Queries Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.1(01/96)

Don't Get Duped by Dups, SQL Forum, (04/95)

No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished, SQL Forum, 1(02/94)                           
Don't Blame SQL for Duplicates, Oracle SELECT, 1.4(94)
Climbing Trees in SQL, SQL Forum, 2(07/94)  
Invasion of the Object Snatchers, Oracle SELECT, 2.3(94)

Repeating Errors, SQL Forum, 5(10/93)
Uhoh, OO Again!, SQL Forum, 4(08/93)
Objection! RDBMS vs. ODBMS, Computerworld, 14(06/93)
PC Magazine Strikes Again, SQL Forum, 3(06/93)
Upside Down, SQL Forum, 2(04/93)
Caveat Emptor, SQL Forum, 1(02/93)

Resting My Case, SQL Forum, 12(11/92)  
Will SQL Come to Order? Pt. 2, SQL Forum, 11(10/92)   
Will SQL Come to Order? Pt. 1, SQL Forum, 10(08/92)
Wherefore the Rules, SQL Forum, 9(05/92) 
Invasion of the Object Snatchers, SQL Forum, 8(04/92)
Vive la Difference, SQL Forum, 7(02/92)

Links, Domains and Table Relationships, SQL Forum, 6(12/91)
SQL in Perspective, InfoWorld, 13.27(07/91)

Sharpening Our Perceptions, Database Programming & Design, 3.10(10/90)  
A Relational Dilemma, Database Programming & Design, 3.9(09/90)
Database Compliance, HP Professional, 4.7(07/90)
Data Representation, HP Professional, 4.6(06/90)
Assessing Objects Objectively, Database Programming & Design, 3.5(05/90)
Relational Data Access, HP Professional, 4.5(05/90)
The Basic Rules, HP Professional, 4.2(02/90)  
Will They Ever Learn?, Database Programming & Design, 3.2(02/90)  
The Good News and the Bad News, Database Programming & Design, 3.1(01/90)
Relational Fidelity, HP Professional, 4.1(01/90)

Exposing Interbase for OS/2, Database Programming & Design, 2.12(12/89)
Powerful Derived Operations, HP Professional, 3.12(12/89)
Joining Tables, HP Professional, 3.11(11/89) 
Setting Matters Straight, Database Programming & Design, 2.11(11/89)
Error Proneness and Database Integrity, HP Professional, 3.10(10/89) 
Not Just BASIC SQL, Database Programming & Design, 2.10(10/89)  
A Brave New World?, BYTE, (09/89)
Basic Table Operations, HP Professional, 3.9(09/89) 
DOS RDBMS: Alive and Kicking, Database Programming & Design, 2.9(09/89)  
Preventing Corruption, DBMS, 2.10(09/89)
Referential Integrity is Also Critical, HP Professional, 3.8(08/89) 
No Wonder Users Are Frustrated, Database Programming & Design, 2.7(07/89)
Preserving Data Integrity, HP Professional, 3.7(07/89)  
A Lesson for SQL Under OS/2, Database Programming & Design, 2.6(06/89) 
Lay It On the Table, DBMS, 1.10(06/89)
Types of Tables, HP Professional, 3.6(06/89)
Referential Integrity's Integrity, Database Programming & Design, 2.5(05/89)  
The Structure of Relational Tables, HP Professional, 3.5(05/89) 
Graphic Treats for PC Users, Database Programming & Design, 2.4(04/89)
Joining Tables, Relational Journal, 6(03/89) 
Metaphor of PC Tools, Database Programming & Design, 2.3(03/89)
Table "Arithmetic", HP Professional, 3.3(03/89)   
dBASE IV Breaks Codd's Rules, DBMS, 1.6(02/89)
Missing the (Relational) Point, DBAdvisor, 7.2(02/89)
RDBMS's Fight a Bum Rap, Computerworld, 27(02/89)
The Tabular Foundation, HP Professional, 32(02/89)
Vendors Are On Their Own, Database Programming & Design, 2.2(02/89)
PC Tools: A Relational Power Tap, Database Programming & Design, 2.1(01/89)
Shaky Data Management, HP Professional, 3.1(01/89)

In Search of Relational Technology, DBMS, 1.4(12/88) 
SQL Redundancy and DBMS Performance, Database Programming & Design, 1.12(12/88)
How to Select a SQL Micro DBMS, Relational Journal, 4(08/88) 
SQL Just the Ticket for DBMS's, Computerworld, 15(08/88)
The Right Stuff, DBAdvisor, 6.7(08/88)
Vital Stats for DBMS Shoppers, Computerworld, 8(08/88)
Lest We Forget What SQL is All About, DBAdvisor, 6.6(07/88)
Relational DBMS: The Micro Perspective, 3.2(Sum/88)  
Fidelity to SQL Standard: Oracle, DBAdvisor, 6.5(06/88) 
Sybase Today, SQL Server Tomorrow, DBAdvisor, 6.4(05/88)   
R:Base's "SQL Implementation", DBAdvisor, 6.3(04/88)
Data Independence, Relational Journal, 3(03/88)
Map Data Structures to Reality, Database Programming & Design, 1.3(03/88)
Micro RDBMS: Weighing Trade-Offs, Computerworld, 22.11(03/88)
Don't Believe All About Benchmarks, Computerworld, 22.6(02/88)
BMS Advances to Key Breakthrough in SQL, Computerworld, 22.5(02/88)
Test Your Benchmark Knowledge, Computerworld, 22.7(02/88)
SST's XDB, DBAdvisor, 6.2(02/88)
SQL Database Management Systems, BYTE, (01/88)

SQL Performance on the PC, 2.4(Win/87) 
RTI's Ingres, DBAdvisor, 5.2(10/87) 
4GL and Relational Environments, Computerworld, 21.2(01/87)


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