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All Analytics column
12/16 Prediction, Explanation and the November Surprise
10     The Costly Illusion of Denormalization for Perform...
09     Brother, Spare Me the Paradigm
08     Data, Information, Knowledge Discovery, and Knowle...
07     Data Science, Coding, the Automation Paradox, and ...
06     NoSQL, Big Data Analytics, and the Loss of Knowled...
05     Why Data Scientists Must Understand Normalization
04     Data Fundamentals for Analysts: Nested Facts and t...
03     Not Worth Repeating: Duplicates
02     The Fourth V -- Veracity
01     It’s Not Tables, It's the Relationships
12/15 Documents and Databases
11     Science, Data Science and Database Science
10     Mathematics & Meaning
09     The Real Data Science: Tables -- So What?
08     Relational Theory & Database Practice
07     The First Half of Database Science for Analysts
06     Database Fundamentals for Analysts
05     R-table Constraints and Data Science
04     Class Business Rules and Table Constraints
03     Domains, R-tables, and SQL
02     The Conceptual-Logical Conflation and the Logical-...
01     Understand Property Rules & Domains
12/14 Analytics & SQL Tables
11     Relational Fidelity and Analytics Integrity
10     Tools Too Good to Be True

08     Data Analysts: Know Your Business Rules
07     Big Data & Analytics: Table Interpretations
06     Big Data, Normalization & Analytics: Meaning & Con...

04     Analytics = Manipulation of Data Structure
02     Anatomy of a Data Management Project: Distribution...
01     Causality, Uncertainty & Actionability in Analytic...
12/13 Anatomy of a Data Management Project
11     Structuring the World With 'Unstructured Data'

What a Database and DBMS Are, Database Magazine, 05/05

The Dangerous Illusion, Part 1, DM Review, 06/02
The Dangerous Illusion, Part 2, DM Review, 07/02 
What's Wrong with this Database Picture?, Net Report, (06/02) (Romanian)   

Necessary Attributes, Oracle Informant, 2.4(04/97)
True Data Type Support, Oracle Informant, 1.12(12/96) 
Meaning of Structure, Oracle Informant, 1.11(11/96)  
Key Information Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.9(09/96)    
Key Information Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.8(08/96)
Climbing Trees in SQL Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.7(07/96)   
Climbing Trees in SQL Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.6(06/96)
Not Worth Repeating, Oracle Informant, 1.5(05/96) 
Formalizing the Informal, Oracle Informant, 1.4(04/96)
Redundancy & Performance, Oracle Informant, 1.3(03/96)      
Quota Queries Pt. 2, Oracle Informant, 1.2(02/96)  
Quota Queries Pt. 1, Oracle Informant, 1.1(01/96)

Don't Get Duped by Dups, SQL Forum, (04/95)

No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished, SQL Forum, 1(02/94)                           
Don't Blame SQL for Duplicates, Oracle SELECT, 1.4(94)
Climbing Trees in SQL, SQL Forum, 2(07/94)  
Invasion of the Object Snatchers, Oracle SELECT, 2.3(94)

Repeating Errors, SQL Forum, 5(10/93)
Uhoh, OO Again!, SQL Forum, 4(08/93)
Objection! RDBMS vs. ODBMS, Computerworld, 14(06/93)
PC Magazine Strikes Again, SQL Forum, 3(06/93)
Upside Down, SQL Forum, 2(04/93)
Caveat Emptor, SQL Forum, 1(02/93)

Resting My Case, SQL Forum, 12(11/92)  
Will SQL Come to Order? Pt. 2, SQL Forum, 11(10/92)   
Will SQL Come to Order? Pt. 1, SQL Forum, 10(08/92)
Wherefore the Rules, SQL Forum, 9(05/92) 
Invasion of the Object Snatchers, SQL Forum, 8(04/92)
Vive la Difference, SQL Forum, 7(02/92)

Links, Domains and Table Relationships, SQL Forum, 6(12/91)
SQL in Perspective, InfoWorld, 13.27(07/91)

Sharpening Our Perceptions, Database Programming & Design, 3.10(10/90)  
A Relational Dilemma, Database Programming & Design, 3.9(09/90)
Database Compliance, HP Professional, 4.7(07/90)
Data Representation, HP Professional, 4.6(06/90)
Assessing Objects Objectively, Database Programming & Design, 3.5(05/90)
Relational Data Access, HP Professional, 4.5(05/90)
The Basic Rules, HP Professional, 4.2(02/90)  
Will They Ever Learn?, Database Programming & Design, 3.2(02/90)  
The Good News and the Bad News, Database Programming & Design, 3.1(01/90)
Relational Fidelity, HP Professional, 4.1(01/90)

Exposing Interbase for OS/2, Database Programming & Design, 2.12(12/89)
Powerful Derived Operations, HP Professional, 3.12(12/89)
Joining Tables, HP Professional, 3.11(11/89) 
Setting Matters Straight, Database Programming & Design, 2.11(11/89)
Error Proneness and Database Integrity, HP Professional, 3.10(10/89) 
Not Just BASIC SQL, Database Programming & Design, 2.10(10/89)  
A Brave New World?, BYTE, (09/89)
Basic Table Operations, HP Professional, 3.9(09/89) 
DOS RDBMS: Alive and Kicking, Database Programming & Design, 2.9(09/89)  
Preventing Corruption, DBMS, 2.10(09/89)
Referential Integrity is Also Critical, HP Professional, 3.8(08/89) 
No Wonder Users Are Frustrated, Database Programming & Design, 2.7(07/89)
Preserving Data Integrity, HP Professional, 3.7(07/89)  
A Lesson for SQL Under OS/2, Database Programming & Design, 2.6(06/89) 
Lay It On the Table, DBMS, 1.10(06/89)
Types of Tables, HP Professional, 3.6(06/89)
Referential Integrity's Integrity, Database Programming & Design, 2.5(05/89)  
The Structure of Relational Tables, HP Professional, 3.5(05/89) 
Graphic Treats for PC Users, Database Programming & Design, 2.4(04/89)
Joining Tables, Relational Journal, 6(03/89) 
Metaphor of PC Tools, Database Programming & Design, 2.3(03/89)
Table "Arithmetic", HP Professional, 3.3(03/89)   
dBASE IV Breaks Codd's Rules, DBMS, 1.6(02/89)
Missing the (Relational) Point, DBAdvisor, 7.2(02/89)
RDBMS's Fight a Bum Rap, Computerworld, 27(02/89)
The Tabular Foundation, HP Professional, 32(02/89)
Vendors Are On Their Own, Database Programming & Design, 2.2(02/89)
PC Tools: A Relational Power Tap, Database Programming & Design, 2.1(01/89)
Shaky Data Management, HP Professional, 3.1(01/89)

In Search of Relational Technology, DBMS, 1.4(12/88) 
SQL Redundancy and DBMS Performance, Database Programming & Design, 1.12(12/88)
How to Select a SQL Micro DBMS, Relational Journal, 4(08/88) 
SQL Just the Ticket for DBMS's, Computerworld, 15(08/88)
The Right Stuff, DBAdvisor, 6.7(08/88)
Vital Stats for DBMS Shoppers, Computerworld, 8(08/88)
Lest We Forget What SQL is All About, DBAdvisor, 6.6(07/88)
Relational DBMS: The Micro Perspective, 3.2(Sum/88)  
Fidelity to SQL Standard: Oracle, DBAdvisor, 6.5(06/88) 
Sybase Today, SQL Server Tomorrow, DBAdvisor, 6.4(05/88)   
R:Base's "SQL Implementation", DBAdvisor, 6.3(04/88)
Data Independence, Relational Journal, 3(03/88)
Map Data Structures to Reality, Database Programming & Design, 1.3(03/88)
Micro RDBMS: Weighing Trade-Offs, Computerworld, 22.11(03/88)
Don't Believe All About Benchmarks, Computerworld, 22.6(02/88)
BMS Advances to Key Breakthrough in SQL, Computerworld, 22.5(02/88)
Test Your Benchmark Knowledge, Computerworld, 22.7(02/88)
SST's XDB, DBAdvisor, 6.2(02/88)
SQL Database Management Systems, BYTE, (01/88)

SQL Performance on the PC, 2.4(Win/87) 
RTI's Ingres, DBAdvisor, 5.2(10/87) 
4GL and Relational Environments, Computerworld, 21.2(01/87)



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