Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Big Data & Analytics: Table Interpretations

Sunday, July 27, 2014

UPDATED: Weekly Update

1. Quote of the Week
Q: In a nutshell, what does RDF based Linked Data facilitate?
A: The ability to find and describe stuff using attributes (relations, properties, features, fields, characteristics).

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Data Model now offers Relationship Modeling

3. Online Debunking
Data Vaults - Why Or Why Not

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5. And now for something completely different

The biggest strategic mistake Israel has made were the Oslo accords, where it agreed to pretend that something it knew to be a blatant lie was the truth: the existence of a Palestinian nation, the implication of which was that Israel robbed it of its land. Israel did this in the naive hope that the issue was "land for peace", but it achieved the exact opposite of peace. It lost its moral superiority and played right into the Arabs' strategy of delegitimizing Israel in the West. It also enabled Europe to relieve itself from the guilt of the Holocaust: since Israel is "just like Hitler", Europe is no longer compelled to support it.

What happens today is the consequence of a long-term Arab strategy to exploit the Palestinian Arabs as weapon against Israel, by keeping them in squalor as refugees instead of resettling them. This strategy took a long time to bear fruits, but it has now proved more effective than what even the Arabs hoped for: it has managed to turn a declining PostWest against Israel, with the help of native and imported anti-semitism.

Plus ca change...

Note: During "Protective Edge" I will post my comments and link to recommended ones by others here
Those who cannot tolerate dissonance with the Hamas-channeling PostWestern media don't have to read it. To those interested in a reality check I also recommend:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

UPDATE 12: Hypocrisy and the Oldest Acceptable Hatred

Note: When it comes to "And now for something completely different", if those who have problems with my logic and accuse me of "irrationality" want their comments published and a response, they are requested to do two things:
  • Show the specific facts in my post that are false; or that, if they are true, my conclusions do not follow from them;
  • Stand behind their convictions by name, just like I do.
Otherwise they are (1) grinding water and (2) don't deserve a reply.

Whenever I hear Western Leaders Who Demand Restraint and "proportionate" response by Israel to Arab genocidal terrorism, I think of Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In face of demands that Israel return the so-called "occupied Palestinian land", I say that Israel will do it if and when US return their land to its natives. Nobody can hold a candle to Israel on morality (Moral clarity in Gaza) and morality is not a suicide pact!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Data Model: Neither Conceptual, Nor Logical, Nor Physical

Chris Date once titled an article Models, Models Everywhere, Nor Any Time to Think and I wrote about A Model to Call One's Own. We referred to the continuous proliferation of new "models" at the expense of mastering the fundamental and sound ones we have and the vagueness, confusion, misuse and abuse of the term 'model' (see, for example, Canonical data model implicitly managed through Enterprise Data Modeling). That is why, more than four decades after the concept of data model was introduced by Codd, we still have questions like:
Q: I understand that the database design process occurs in the following sequence:
Conceptual Data Model -> Logical Data Model -> Physical Data Model
Can someone please clarify how the relational model applies to this process?
Can you?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Update

1. Quote of the Week
Don't confuse Data(base) Modeling with Business Modeling. All DBA are correct when they are talking about Database Modeling. If you want to ensure unique record on Business level, just add a unique composite index. (not as Key). But far to often, a unique record on business level is not ALWAYS unique (only most of the time)

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Create database vs schema

3. Online Debunkings

4. Interesting Elsewhere

5. And now for something completely different
 And if you like what they're doing to San Francisco, you'll love what they'll do to other cities:
Google Exec Rises Ire in Portland
 Symptoms of societal malaise.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Denormalization: Database Bias, Integrity Tradeoff and Complexity

The common and entrenched misconception about normalization was recently visible yet again in a LinkedIn exchange.
R: Unless the need is for ACID compliant transactions, denormalization is generally not considered logically, physically or whatever-ally-–so essentially a thoroughly normalized mode is relevant for a write-infrequently consumption of data and data integrity can be guaranteed by design.